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Sunday, June 24, 2018

hey it's summer

(what are my post titles?)

Hey! :) 

The past few days, I've been focused on making sure I have everything prepared for my trip and then packing. I leave on Tuesday. That's in what- three days? Wow, that's very close. Very soon indeed. 

I had my graduation celebration dinner. It was nice. No empty seats. Everyone who said they would come, came. :) 

(I'm nervous way too much :c) 

(It's nearly 2 am, and I'm listening to music from tumblr, lol) 

I might post some old or new poems later. Possibly. No promises though. 

Some of mine have.. uh.. "mature" themes (?). Yeah, well, thoughts. Yeah uh. 

I've been wanting to write again. Maybe that'll happen for real. Maybe it won't. But hopefully it does. 

Oh. It's officially summer now. The World Cup is going on. Hmm yeah. 

I've got so many great things happening in Chapter 76. Mm.. spicy. Interactions.. oh honey, you've got a big storm coming. I started nicknaming that chapter, the chapter of interactions. Not to spoil anything, but a lot gets said and goes down in the chapter. Like.. damn. 

'Later. x

~ Cutepups

Thursday, June 21, 2018

V-U-L-N-E-R-A-B-L-E (colored)

(aka my first drawing attempt at drawing a story concept of Fierdan naked in Cincernum) 

(+ more black goop. I ruined his anatomy; I know it looks awful and yeahh..)

(he doesn't wear much clothing in cincernum, pfft. when he's by himself, of course. i have more art ideas of drawing him like this. but with much better anatomy than this garbage. i'm sorry lmao.) 

(it's much harder to physically protect yourself when you don't have clothes, or anything for that matter, to protect you. without it, it can leave you vulnerable. to what? in fierdan's case, the answer is soulless.) 

(it's hard to take pictures on my phone.) 

(the hecking black goop of cincernum.) 

(what is human anatomy? pfft.) 

(his feet are in the top layer of black goop. idk how to draw feet.)

(idk what i drew that's protruding from his back.) 

(drew and colored plenty of black goop around and between his legs. because you know.. reasons.. *cough*) 

(i also gave his hair a great injustice. i hope fierdan can forgive me for drawing him so ugly when he's supposed to look gorgeous.) 

(and now i'll just wait for comments where people will be like, "wtf is this omg cutepups," but will comment like, "omg fierdan,, lol black goop,, good art!" asdfghjkl.) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

yeah so i've graduated

Yep. I've somehow graduated. I'm done with high school now. Huh wow. 

Yay! :) 

Anyway, I'm gonna post more poetry and art later. If I feel up for it, that is. 

At this time yesterday, I was at my graduation ceremony. 

At this time a week from now, I'll be in France. That's.. just whoa. One week away. Geez. 

I .... 


Monday, June 18, 2018

june personal updates

Hi, I feel like I haven't made a post actually about myself in a while. I'm here to quickly do that now. :) 


• Father's Day
• My brother came home this week. Because.. well.. I'll say why later in this post. 
• Played mini golf with my whole family. Haven't done that in years, I think. Playing outside in the very warm weather. 
• Our grandma came over. We discussed some things.. which again, I'll explain later on. 
• We went to a Greek restaurant. It was my first time having Greek food, and can I just say.. food is good. Mm. Yeah. 
• Went out for ice cream afterwards. Minus the two people I mentioned in the bullet points above. 


• Didn't have to go to school till 11:30, so I slept in. Sleep is good. 
• The iPad I mentioned in my posts a few times is from school. Had mine since 10th grade. I had to hand in the iPad. So I don't have an iPad anymore. Sad. 
• My high school graduation is the next day. Got information about that at school. Got that graduation stuff.. you know.. gown, cap, tassel, club cord, tickets..
• Ok so it's so hot here. Supposed to feel like it's in the mid-90s tomorrow as well. I'm too lazy to figure out what that is in Celsius. (We get it, Cutepups. You live in the eastern part of the United States.)
• My dad says there's something wrong with the A/C unit in our house. In other words, there's been barely any air conditioning in the house, it's so hot inside, and it's getting real bad. I showered less than an hour ago, and I'm already feeling so hot (the gross kind, like the sweaty kind) again. Anyway, this sucks and we're suffering here. 
• My brother came home for the week to attend my graduation. Same grandma is also coming. Yeah. 


• I graduate! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!
• Practicing in the morning. 
• I complained about school so much on this blog (not as much for this school year), and now it's finally over. High school is just about over for me. It's been four years. Whoa. 


• The day I actually go celebrate my graduation with my family. 
• The restaurant better be amazing. It sounds like it is though. 


• I leave for my just-over-one-week trip to France. 
• I barely know any French though lmao. 
• It's a cruise type of trip once we're in France. 
• The places I'm going to visit sound amazing, and I'm hyped. So excited! Nervous as always, but so very excited! 
• Just going with my grandma. Yeah. She's amazing. The best. Like.. goals. 

That's my general updates for the rest of this month. 

I can finally say I made it. 

I made it. <3 

I made it to these moments. :')

That's just beautiful. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

one more thing before sleeping

(We get it, Cutepups. You're tired.)

Ok that's true. But anyway...

Hi, hello! 

I'm surprised I didn't get any angry comments at all yesterday because of my last post. I really thought I'd get some. Guess not lmao. 

Fier-fvcking-dan. Fier-damn. Fier-fvck. 

I have a better plan for him in Chapter 76 than the one I made months ago. I think it makes sense to write it then than the mess I had planned before. 

His POV is still going to be a huge mess though. I just feel the pain from his POV as being more logically disturbing than confusingly disturbing. 

There might be slightly more violent body horror in this new plan I have though. Haha, haha, ha ah hh. 

Oh and I finally have a good enough plan for the POVs of Dawn and Duke. And omg geez. 

Them!! They!! These two!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

(Please stop screaming, Cutepups. Aren't you tired?)

Yes, very. :) 

(Then why..?)

I'm able to scream about my characters at any given time. :')

(Whatever you say, Cutepups...)


Oh and yesterday I saw this young silver cat named Brock. When I read his name tag, I gasped. He's Brock. Cat version Brock. He's beautiful. 

Oh and yeah that too. It's Father's Day. 

That's it, bye now. 

~ Cutepups 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

faint (kid danny) + fierdan the fu(heh)ck



Words and stuff: 

This is the only sketch I drew from the Kid Danny half that I don't hate.. as much. 

(I just fixed it up now, but shh...) 
(I started it so long ago, actually.) 

By the title, you should probably know by now that I'm showing the part where Kid Danny fainted (*coughs* and dies *coughs*) after viewing all his future memories. 

I like how I drew his eyes. Wide, panicked, frozen, blank stare... 

His hair is supposed to be a mess. Because he fell headfirst onto the floor. He's on the floor. His hair is a mess. Because he's on the floor. Yeah. 

I drew him looking older in this sketch than my other ones from the Kid Danny skit half. Because, you know, seeing a montage of fvcked up memories guaranteed to screw you over just makes you age a couple several years. 

Hmm, that's it about that. I still want to talk about Fierdan though. 

Viewers: Omg we get it. :/ You love him, he's your boy, you love him......
Me: Ok but shh! 
Viewers: -_-

I decided to color that Vulnerable Fierdan drawing I posted. It still looks terrible though, haha. But now it's colored. 

I don't know why I butchered his legs. Like I drew them so badly and idk why. 

And what's going on with his crotch? Because idk what I was thinking when I was outlining. 

I added some black goop onto him. Because.. black goop, man, it's everywhere in Cincernum. 

(yes i did say crotch) 
(damn, wish i knew how to draw like anything) 

Psst.. I wrote explicit because well.. it's, it's uhh.....

It's fvcking Fierdan for crying out loud. 

Me: *slams my sweaty hand down onto my pillow* What did y'all expect from this Boy? 

Ok but it's because he's, he's.. vulnerable. 

Viewers: What the FVCK does that mean?! 
Me: It means....
Alarm: *goes off*
Viewers: Fvckin' hell! 
Alarm: *in robotic voice* Spoilers alert, spoilers alert! Can not go forward with explanation because spoil--
Viewers: *go to the alarm, kick it while yelling profanities* 
Me: *gasps* My alarm! 
Alarm: Code red... *hecking dies* 
Me: *cries*
Viewers: .... just tell us. 
Me: .... fine. 

It's because I drew him naked. But now I added black goop, so it's like cover--

Viewers: Omg we knew that, you fool! How dumb do you think we are?! 
Me: I, uhh... *runs away* 
Viewers: *chasing after me* Finish your post, damn it! 
Me: Don't tell me what to do! 
Viewers: CUTEPUPS! 

No cover up = no ability to pretend = vulnerable = naked = my more recent story idea to reveal that Fierdan has physical scars and maimed body parts and the more I think of it the more explicit I think it is...

Viewers: Uhh.. well.. ok..? 
Me: What?
Viewers: Umm....
Me: Omg what is it? 
Viewers: ........
Me: .... ok? 

I think about Fierdan a lot, I'm sorry. 

.... it has to do with Soulless, too. 

I have an idea of a conversation between the two of them. It's.. quite something. 

Ok, that's it. Bye. 

Viewers: W-W-Wait! Explain!
Me: Yeah sorry, but this post is now closed. It's over now.
Viewers: But--
Me: It's over! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

hi i'm very sleepy

Very short post! 

I got new chargers. Yay. :) 

Tomorrow (Thursday) is most likely gonna be my last day of school. Of attending my classes, I mean. 

No reason to go to my classes after that. 

And then there's graduation practice and graduation. And.. that's it. School is almost completely over for me. Wow huh. 

Hmm.. I think the name of my roommate is cool. I.. I like it. (lol hnnfghhh) 

I keep on procrastinating on finishing my mermaid drawings. :( 

Anything new with you guys? 

(idk i'm sorry)